Art Basel 2013

May, 2013

Art Basel 2013

The Third Line at Art Basel | 13 - 16 June, 2013 | Booth S6 - The Third Line is very pleased to be participating for the first time in Art Basel, and will be presenting a solo booth by artist Laleh Khorramian in the Statements sector. Khorramian’s mixed media paintings and video installation include objects circulating around the theme of her latest body of work M-GOLIS, a sci-fi/fantasy tale that is seen through the persona of Lt. Aurelio Swimm.

The Third Line is participating with more than 300 leading contemporary galleries at one of the most dynamic fairs in the world today. The Statements sector, one of eight categories at Art Basel, carefully selects proposals that present exciting new solo projects by young and emerging artists.

The works on display are fragments of a future science fiction film titled M-GOLIS, with Khorramian’s presentation focusing on paintings and objects related to the making. The animation, which is yet to be completed, will be the fifth in a series of films relating to the five elements of matter, earth, air, fire, water and ether, with M-GOLIS focusing on ether.

The narrative of M-GOLIS is set on a foreign planet of the same name in the year 2202. The planet ravaged by chemical wastes, is sparsely populated with prisoners whose sentence is to reside there and reverse the pollution by distributing mycoremediating mycelium spores that decompose toxic wastes. The film follows the journey of inmate Lieutenant Aurelio Swimm’s incarceration on the chemically polluted planet, where his consciousness has been altered by his extreme isolation and exposure to a toxic and increasingly hallucinogenic environment.

In one of the works, COMMUNICATION SHRINE, the artist presents an interactive installation that is housed within an ordinary refrigerator. Upon opening it, one encounters the world of Swimm more intimately through found objects, personal trinkets and three videos running simultaneously. Primarily intended as a communication portal to earth for the lone Lieutenant, this object has taken on a sacred totemic role, serving as an altar to things he considers precious in his solitary existence. By switching between her own creation, and that of her imagined character’s, Khorramian plays with multiple possibilities that allow her to examine the relationship between art and audience. 

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Artist: Laleh Khorramian

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