xcultural codes

Susan Hefuna

xcultural codes

January 2004

The first book by Egyptian/German artist Susan Hefuna, this work explores her early series of photographs and vitrines of Cairo’s streets, as well as the development of her modern interpretation of the traditional mashrabiya.

This 200 page book includes essay contributions by Contributions by Negar Azimi, Bryan Biggs, Leonhard Emmerling, Hans Gercke, Rose Issa, Tracy Murinik, and Berthold Schmitt. Susan Hefuna’s work thematizes the cultural difference through a variety of media-drawings, installations, photography, and video.

Publisher: Kehrer Design / Kehrer Verlag.

German & English in same book

ISBN: 3-936-636-24-9 (soft cover) / ISBN: 3-936-636-15-x (hardcover)

AED 188