Not Moscow Not Mecca

Slavs and Tatars

Not Moscow Not Mecca

Produced to accompany their recent exhibition at Secession 2012, Vienna, this publication illustrates the body of work presented in the show. With this exhibition, which is part of a cycle of works with the title The Faculty of Substitution, the artists pursue the theme of self-knowledge in the broadest sense. In their ongoing search for a basis for comparison between cultures, between orient and occident, between modernity and Islam, Slavs and Tatars discover similarities between things that seem incomparable. These processes of equation lead to an appropriation and reinterpretation of history, a process at odds with the familiar narratives of the powerful and victorious.

Texts by: Slavs and Tatars, Norman O. Brown and interview with Slavs and Tatars by Franz Thalmair

AED 100