Sophia Al Maria

  • 3_Sophia Al Maria _Black Friday _2016, Digital Video , Color , Sound 16.36min _Whitney Museum Of American Art _installation View

    Sophia Al-Maria, Black Friday, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, July 26-October 31, 2016. Photograph by Ronald Amstutz

  • Screen Shot 2017-02-20 At 21.59.17

    The Watchers No.1-5, 2014, Five channel digital video w/ audio, Installation View ‘Virgin With a Memory’, Cornerhouse, Manchester Courtesy of Cornerhouse, Manchester. Credit: Simon Liddiard,

  • Sophia Al Maria _Sisters _Installation View _2015 Triennial Surround Audience _New Museum _New York _Courtesy New Museum , New York _Photo Benoit Pailley _12

    Sophia Al Maria, Sisters, Installation view 2015, Triennial, New Museum NY_Courtesy New Museum, NY_Photo Benoit Pailley


    Sophia Al Maria, EVERYTHING MUST GO, 2017 - installation view, The Third Line 2017

  • Third Line _Frieze Art Fair -12

    Sophia Al Maria, Sisters series 2016, Fuji Crystal Archive metallic pearl paper with face mounted on perspex_Dibond back_Aluminium subframe, 200 x 112.5 cm each, installation view at Frieze London 2016

  • Sophia Al Maria _The Watchers No . 1 - 5_2014_5 Channel Digital Video With Audio _Still 5_650

    Sophia Al Maria, The Watchers No. 1 - 5, 2014, Video installation, Still

  • Sophia Al Maria _The Future Was Desert , Part II, 2016_HD Video _4min 35sec _Still 2

  • Sophia Al Maria _Slaughter _2013_Single Channel Digital Video With Audio _Still 1_650

    Sophia Al Maria, Slaughter, 2013, Video, Still

  • Sophia Al Maria _Your Sister _2014_Single Channel Digital Video With Audio _Still _650

    Sophia Al Maria, Your Sister, 2014, Video, Still

  • SAM_Between Distant Bodies _2013_Video Installation On 2 Cuboglass TVs

    Sophia Al Maria, Between Distant Bodies, 2013, Video Installation on 2 cuboglass TVs, Installation view at Frieze 2013

  • SAM_Scout _2012_Fibreglass ,-Resin ,-Light -and -Sound _Installation

    Sophia Al Maria, Scout, 2012, Fiberglass, Resin, and Light and Sound, Installation View at 9th Gwangju Biennale, South Korea

  • SAM_The Gaze Of Sci Fi Wahabi #4_2008_Video _1.45min _Still

    Sophia Al Maria, The Gaze Of Sci Fi Wahabi #4, 2008, Video, Still