Nima Nabavi

Born in Iran in 1978, Nima is a self-taught artist who was brought up in the UAE. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California and a MBA from New York University. After living in the United States for twenty years, he is now based in Dubai, where he dedicates himself to a practice driven by a mathematical approach and contemplative execution of intricate geometries.

Nima's practice is focused on geometric abstraction and its connection to the natural world. His mathematical approach and contemplative execution of intricate geometries are both heavily inspired by his grandfather who was a master geometer for over 50 years. Nima uses repetitive numeric symbolism to build complexity out of simple forms and reveal the inherent beauty that underlies the structure of our shared reality.

His first solo exhibition at The Third Line, 1, 2, 3, consisted of 27 new works in three series.

Nima's group exhibitions include: Fragments, Yesterday and Today, Gateway, Abu Dhabi Art, Abu Dhabi, UAE (2019); Your Favorite Artist's Favorite Artist #2, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, USA (2019); Horizon, Sharjah Museum of Art, Sharjah, UAE (2018).

Nima's work is part of private and public collections, including the Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai, UAE.

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